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Soroush Falahati

Solution Architect && Multi Platform Developer

My name is Soroush Falahati. I'm a multi-platform developer and solution architect with more than 15 years of experience in the development and design of web, desktop, and mobile applications.

In the course of my career, I have used different programming languages and technologies depending on the requirements of each project; recently though, my focus is mainly on designing solutions, applications, or services instead of directly writing code. Interestingly, not only this change of approach didn't prevent me from experimenting and learning new stuff but rather resulted in having to know more tools and technologies, pushing me outside of my C oriented comfort zone. More specifically, my increased exposure to TypeScript and NodeJS made me very fond of working with frameworks like NestJS.

Currently, I am mainly busy with projects that use React and NextJS for frontend and NodeJS for backend development, all in TypeScript. However, my love for C# and C++ won't fade anytime soon and although I am not actively engaged with more than a couple of C# projects right now, almost all of my open-source repositories are still in C#.

I am more of a backend guy who likes to be mainly busy solving complex problems or working on interesting or challenging projects as my previous experiences in raw socket programming, deep learning, and image processing indicate; but I am also ready to hop in and help with any type of project if I can help the progress of a project directly or indirectly by helping fellow developers or DevOps regardless of how much it might seem interesting at the time.

Technical Skills

I can say i’m quite good at

C# & .Net




JS / TS / NodeJS

JS / TS / React



PostgreSQL & MSSQL

Work Experience

What projects I did and where I work now

  • 18th Nov 2013

    OpenNI 2, the book

    C++, Book

    OpenNI 2 Cookbook is the name of the book I wrote for Packt Publishing about how to use basic and advanced features of OpenNI 2.

    27th Feb 2013

    OpenNI 2.2 and NiTE 2.2 .Net Wrapper

    C++, C, C#

    These libraries let you access output of OpenNI 2.2 and NiTE 2.2 from .Net.

  • 27th Feb 2013

    OpenNI 2 Virtual Webcam v0.9.5 - DirectShow filter for OpenNI

    C++, C#

    This application let you access output of any OpenNI compatible device using your favorite messaging, video calling application and/or any application that use DirectShow to access media devices or objects, including Skype, Live Messenger, Google Plus, ManyCAM, GraphEdit, any flash based video chat, etc. NiVirtualCam is the next version of old Kinect Virtual Camera which downloaded at least 23,000 times from my website alone.

    22nd Feb 2013

    OpenNI 3D Photo Capture Tool

    C#, VB.Net

    OpenNI 3D Photo Capture Tool is next version of Kinect 3D Photo Capture Tool which support any OpenNI compatible device including Kinect, Asus Xtion Pro Live (Wavi) and Primesense Sensor. This little application use NiWrapper.Net to retrieve and read data from OpenNI in .Net work and then using 3DGenerator library it will create a 3D Photo (Anaglyph or Stereoscopic) from both Color and Depth sensors of device.

  • 20th Sep 2011

    Creating a 3D Image from a DepthMap

    VB.Net, C#

    Introducing a class for generating 3D images (Stereoscopic and Anaglyph) from DepthMaps. Prize winner in Competition "Best VB.NET article of September 2011" at CodeProject.

    28th Mar 2011

    Kinect Error Reporting Tool 0.8.5


    Kinect Error Reporting Tool will try to detect usual problems with OpenNI, NITE and Kinect Sensor Driver 5.0.0 and fix them if possible and even if not, it will create a log about situation that you can save and send to me.

  • 4th Mar 2011

    Kinect 3D Photo Capture Tool 0.7


    Kinect 3D Photo Capture Tool is a software for capturing 3D photos using Kinect's RGB camera based on Depth camera data.

    28th Feb 2011

    Kinect Virtual Camera 0.8 for Windows


    Kinect Virtual Camera is a pack of DirectShow filters that will allow you to make video calls using your Kinect as a virtual webcam.

  • 16th Mar 2010


    WebSite and Server Admin, PHP, C#

    I first designed a website for them in 2010 and helped them with technical problems. In 2011 I accepted administration of their servers and then at 2012 we redesigned the whole website. Sakhtafzar is a major hardware magazine in Iran. Currently they are also one of known and biggest websites about hardware and gadget in Iran. They are also best hardware news website based on polls.

    31st Mar 2009

    Steam Assistance v1.2.0.0


    Steam Assistance is a program that can make your steam games\mods visible in Windows(TM) Vista\7 game explorer in few clicks.

  • 30th Oct 2007


    WebSite and Server Admin, PHP

    It was 30 Oct 2007 that I accepted technical administration role at Bazinama.com as leading gaming community in Iran and Middle East. Almost every aspect of the site created or maintained by my-self.

Blog Posts

  • Forcing Socket Bind in C# [Code Injection & Shell Extension]

    15th Apr 2016

    Having access to multiple internet connections at home, I found it hard to balance the usage in Windows especially when I want to download multiple files through them.The thing is that in Windows OS you can't in any way force a program to use a speci ...

    فیلترینگ هوشمند، توضیحات فنی و چالش های پیش رو

    17th Nov 2014

    همراه با سیاست های اخذ شده توسط وزارت ارتباطات جمهوری اسلامی ایران در رابطه با فیلترینگ و دنبال کردن موضوع جذاب فیلترینگ هوشمند توسط اقشار مختلف جامعه مخصوصا قشر جوان و دانشگاهی کشور که از اصلی ترین کاربران اینترنت و همچنین شبکه های اجتماعی میباشند ...

  • Aptana and Git through SSH, the big problem

    18th Nov 2013

    We all know that despite the fact that Aptana is one of the best Eclipse based IDEs out there, it has lot of bugs. Part of these bugs are because of multi-platform nature of this application and most of them are not very annoying, but this one. If ...

    OpenNI 2

    28th Feb 2013

    I am old fan of OpenNI when there was no other readable frame work for using Kinect, and when OpenNI 2 released I was shocked by its nice new design and architect so I decided to give it a try as soon as I can. Fortunately I had access to it even mor ...

  • Reading name and location of icons in Desktop using C#

    19th Feb 2013

    Last week, one of my friends asked me about a way to retrieve list of desktop icons and their location on the screen. But is it even possible to get the list of Icons (not "Files") and also their location on the "Screen"? Actually Desktop is an appl ...

    NiWrapper: OpenNI 2 .Net Wrapper

    15th Feb 2013

    Hi everybody,   Today I am going to show my work in last three days to public. NiWrapper.Net, a OpenNI 2 .Net Wrapper Lack of a .Net wrapper for OpenNI 2 showed it-self to me when I tried to port my old "3D Photo Capturing Tool" to OpenNI 2 and th ...

  • KinectDevs.com Redirect Page

    19th Oct 2012

    Hi,   If you are visiting this page so you tried to open KinectDevs.com. Actually KinectDevs.com is closed and no longer available because of huge amount of spammers. I moved all projects and posts to here. Search below list for desired information ...

    Site is UP (At last)

    19th Oct 2012

    Hi there,   Actually after lot of delays, at least I found some free time to finish my personal website. I know it is not that much good specially design; it is because I am not a designer, I am only a developer (thinking about percentages that oth ...

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