Steam Assistance v1.2.0.0

Published on Tuesday, 31 March 2009 10:45

Steam Assistance is a program that can make your steam games\mods visible in Windows(TM) Vista\7 game explorer in few clicks.


Out of Date: This application is out of date. Some functionalists are broken and may not work as described any more.


- Supporting Vista/Win7
- Find installed games\mods automatically
- Find information of games\mods automatically (Release date, Publisher, Developer, System Rec/Req Rating, ESRB Rating & etc.) (Obsolete)
- Support of Rating (ESRB, BBFC & etc)
- Ability to search via Google for Boxart (by a suggestion from Mangr0v3) (Obsolete)
- Customizing game details
- Support playable demos
- Auto update
- Supporting multilanguage


Note: There is a known issue with mods and x64 OSs, So it can't detect installed mods on x64bit OSs. It will be solve as soon as possible.


Download Link: