Kinect Virtual Camera 0.8 for Windows

Published on Monday, 28 February 2011 13:36

Kinect Virtual Camera is a pack of DirectShow filters that will allow you to make video calls using your Kinect as a virtual webcam.


Note: This program is old. Newer version is available with OpenNI 2 Virtual Webcam name here (Click).

Note: This program is incompatible with new versions of OpenNI and NITE; please remove new versions if installed and download OpenNI and NITE only from this site.



- Camera: Show output of Kinect 's RGB Camera

- Depth: Show output of Kinect's Depth Camera

- SmartCam: Show output of Kinect's RGB Camera which follow you when moving (Digital Pan, Tilt and Zoom). Switch between users by waving for kinect.







Installation Guide:

1. Install OpenNI and needed drivers. (Click here for more info and download link)

2. Install NITE so we can use SmartCam as well. (Click here for more info and download link)

3. If you don't have "VC++ 2010 Redistributable Package" installed on your system, you must download and install it. (Click here to download it from Microsoft website)

4. Download "Kinect Virtual Camera v0.8 Setup" file from above.

5. Close all your messenger applications such as "Skype","MSN Messenger" or "Live Messenger".

6. Right click on "Kinect-Virtual-Camera-v0.8.exe" and select "Run as Administrator".

7. Follow installation steps and you are done. For any other problems check troubleshooting part.



Q: I can't use it via Yahoo Messenger,

A: As far as i know current version of Yahoo Messenger don't support Virtual Webcams (because of not using DirectShow filters).

Q: I can't find new webcams in Skype.

A: Restart your PC and if no success try to close Skye completely and Unregistered filters (Search start menu for "Filters - Unregister") and when done register them again (Search start menu for "Filters - Register"). Then open Skype again. Sometimes you need to close and open "Skype" two or three time. This is know issue with Skype and virtual cameras.


Q: Skype crashed!

A: Your Skype is outdated. Download latest BETA version of Skype. I can confirm that there is no problem with version 5.2 Beta of Skype now.


Q: Windows Movie Maker generate "A video capture device was not detected ...."

A: This is another known issue of WMM with virtual cameras. Leave WMM open and search start menu for "Filters - Unregister". when done register filters again by selecting "Filters - Register" from start menu again. Move back to WMM and select "Capture from video devices" and you can see KVC there.


Q: Register and Unregister process failed with any error message.

A: Try running "Filters - Register" and "Filters - Unregister" by right clicking on them and selecting "Run as Administrator".

I recommend to Windows Vista and Windows 7 users to disable UAC too (Click here for instructions) and enable it again when done if you need.


Q: Color cycle shown instead of image; or any other error message.

A: There is a problem with OpenNI, NITE or drivers. Check out Kinect Error Reporting Tool (Click Here).