Kinect 3D Photo Capture Tool 0.7

Published on Friday, 04 March 2011 21:32

Kinect 3D Photo Capture Tool is a software for capturing 3D photos using Kinect's RGB camera based on Depth camera data.


Note: This program is old. Newer version is available with name of OpenNI 3D Photo Capture Tool here (Click).

 Note: This program is incompatible with new versions of OpenNI; please remove new versions if installed and download OpenNI only from this site.



- Generate both stereoscopic and anaglyph pictures.

- Options to change depth effect

- Smoothing and depth guessing






Installation Guide:

1. Install OpenNI and needed drivers. (Click here for more info and download link)

2. Download "Kinect 3D Photo Capture Tool v0.7 Setup" file from above.

3. You need to have .Net Framework 4 for this application to run, so if you don't have it installed yet, download and install it from Microsoft website (Click here for download link).

4. Right click on "Kinect-3D-Photo_Capture_Tool-v0.7.exe" and select "Run as Administrator".

5. Follow installation steps and you are done. For any problem check out Kinect Error Reporting Tool (Click here).