OpenNI 2 Virtual Webcam v0.9.5 - DirectShow filter for OpenNI

Published on Wednesday, 27 February 2013 23:03

This application let you access output of any OpenNI compatible device using your favorite messaging, video calling application and/or any application that use DirectShow to access media devices or objects, including Skype, Live Messenger, Google Plus, ManyCAM, GraphEdit, any flash based video chat, etc. NiVirtualCam is the next version of old Kinect Virtual Camera which downloaded at least 23,000 times from my website alone.

June 2013: Smart tracking (SmartCam) added. Lot of bugs fixed.


  • Supporting Depth, Color and IR Streams
  • Supporting all OpenNI compatible devices including but not limited to Kinect
  • Recognizing and following users in device's FOV using NiTE
  • Auto device shutdown and wakeup depending on other applications' usages
  • Independent client and server design enable it to steam the data to all of our "DirectShow Filter" instances within different applications. This also prevents cross access problems and minimizes any side effect of using OpenNI in host application like crashing and unrelated errors/warnings.
  • Supporting 1.2MP and 1.3MP resolutions


Download: It is better to download it from GitHub's releases tab as it is more up to date than this one





NiVirtualCam have been written in C++ and C# with the use of NiWrapper.Net project. Source code is available at GitHub.


Installation Guide:

1. If you don't have "VC++ 2010 Redistributable Package" installed on your system, you must download and install it. (Click here to download it from Microsoft website)

2. You need to have .Net Framework 4 for this application to run, so if you don't have it installed yet, download and install it from Microsoft website (Click here for download link).

3. Download "OpenNI Virtual Camera v0.9.5 Setup" file from the above link. (It is better to download it from GitHub's releases tab as it is more up to date than this one)

4. Close all your messenger applications such as "Skype","MSN Messenger" or "Live Messenger".

5. Right click on "NiVirtualCam-Win-v0.9.5.exe" and select "Run as Administrator".

6. Follow installation steps and you are done. For any other problems check troubleshooting part.



Q: I can't use it via Yahoo Messenger,

A: As far as i know current version of Yahoo Messenger don't support Virtual Webcams (because of not using DirectShow filters).


Q: Skype crashed!

A: Your Skype is outdated. Download latest BETA version of Skype. I can confirm that there is no problem with version 5.2 Beta of Skype.