OpenNI 2.2 and NiTE 2.2 .Net Wrapper

Published on Wednesday, 27 February 2013 23:35

These libraries let you access output of OpenNI 2.2 and NiTE 2.2 from .Net.



  • Supporting OpenNI 2.1 completely (with OpenNI 2.2 Binaries)
  • Supporting NiTE 2.2 completely
  • Available in both 32bit and 64bit versions
  • Compiled with .Net Framework 4
  • Read more here: Blog - NiWrapper: OpenNI 2 .Net Wrapper




NiWrapper is in C++, C and C#. Source code is available at GitHub. NuGet packages can be found at NuGet Gallery for easier installation.


How to use (If not using NuGet):

1. Download desired version

2. Extract all files from ZIP file to your project directory

3. Add all files to your project from Visual Studio. Do not forget to enable copying of this files to output directory

4. Add reference to NiWrapper.Net.dll and NiWrapper.NiTE.Net.dll

5. Don't forget to copy all files next to your application executable file

6. Use OpenNIWrapper and NiTEWrapper namespaces to access OpenNI and NiTE classes and objects