Installing OpenNI 1.0.0

Published on Thursday, 18 October 2012 22:17

How to install OpenNI 1.0 (With Download Links) and OpenNI 1.5 (W/O Download Links) + Avin's Sensor Kinect Drivers


Note: This version of Avin's Kinect Sensor Driver  is incompatible with the "Kinect for Windows" device.


1. Uninstall any older or newer versions of OpenNI and other frameworks/drivers such as Microsoft Kinect SDK and/or OpenKinect. Also uninstall any version of NITE and Kinect Sensor Drivers too.

2. Download "OpenNI" and "Kinect Sensor Driver 5.0.0" from below links.

3. If using Windows Vista, disable UAC (It is recommended for Win 7 users too) and restart your computer. (Click here for instructions)

4. Right click on "OpenNI-" and select "Run as Administrator".

5. Follow setup's steps.

6. Accept "Device Installation" dialog if appeared.

7. Wait for the installation process to finish.

8. Right click on "Sensor-Kinect-5.0.0.exe" and select "Run as Administrator".

9. Follow the setup's steps.

10. Accept "Device Installation" dialog if appeared.

11. Wait for the installation process to finish. If you got any "Windows Security" alert about drivers you are done and you can skip other steps. You can follow the other steps later if you encountered any problem.

12. Open Run window (By pressing WinKey + R or searching Start Menu) and type "devmgmt.msc" and press "Ok".

13. Check if there is any match using below image:

14. Remove them by right clicking and select "Uninstall" then checking "Delete the driver software for this device" checkbox and clicking "OK". (Do not forget to remove them in the following order: 1. Audio (If any), 2. Camera, 3. Security Control (If Any), 4. Device or Motor)


15. Restart your computer (Optional). Then open Device Manager again and click "Scan for hardware changes" from "Action" menu. At this stage windows may try to download Microsoft's drivers from the Internet so it is better to disconnected your modem or at least skip the downloading process using notification bar icon.

16. Now install desired driver for each node one by one. Start with Motor, then Camera and at end, Audio (If present). Right click on each node and select "Update Driver Software".

17. Select "Browse my computer for driver software".

18. Select drivers directory ("\PrimeSense\SensorKinect\Driver" for Avin's Drivers and "\Program Files\OpenNI\Driver" for Asus Xtion or PrimeSense Sensor) and check "Include subfolders" checkbox, then click "Next". Wait for the installation process to complete.

19. If any dialog box appeared about drivers security choose "Install this driver software anyway".

20. You are done. For any other problem check out my Kinect Error Reporting Tool (Click Here). Now you can enable UAC again as well.