Site is UP (At last)

Published on Friday, 19 October 2012 22:53

Hi there,


Actually after lot of delays, at least I found some free time to finish my personal website. I know it is not that much good specially design; it is because I am not a designer, I am only a developer (thinking about percentages that other designers and developers put on their sites and I can say that I am 101% Developer and -1% Designer!).


Any way this is my new web site. Don't be shy and tell me your opinions about my website and its problems.


Also, I am going to close "Kinect Devs" (Actually because of huge amount of spammers), etc and I will move needed files and information to my project page of this new website. You can access to "My Projects" section by clicking here.


Thanks for visiting,

- Soroush Falahati