NiWrapper: OpenNI 2 .Net Wrapper

Published on Friday, 15 February 2013 21:44

Hi everybody,


Today I am going to show my work in last three days to public. NiWrapper.Net, a OpenNI 2 .Net Wrapper

Lack of a .Net wrapper for OpenNI 2 showed it-self to me when I tried to port my old "3D Photo Capturing Tool" to OpenNI 2 and there was no way to do this; this and the fact that PrimeSense has no plan to write one (as one of their developers told me that they have no time for this wrapper in near future) forced me to write my own wrapper; Now after three days, here I am sharing it with you, .Net developers.

Just like my other projects, it is a open source too project and as result it is available in GitHub at the below address:

There are compiled packages for both x86 and x64 versions of OpenNI along with OpenNI redist files in "Package" directory of the same repository. These packages compiled for .Net framework 4 Client Profile but you can compile this project your-self with .Net 2 and and later version of framework. Steps you need to take to use this project is to add NiWrapper.Net.dll to your project references and copy other files to project executable directory. Everything in under OpenNIWrapper name space.


There are number of examples in the solution as well as support for NiTE2. And best of all, you can simply use NuGet packages:

As a side note, please don't forget to use "using" and "dispose" for objects in your app. Also always put a OpenNI.Shutdown() at end of your code. These will clean memory and release resources.

Any way, :)